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Fighting Falcons or Wild Weasels? Eagles? Broncos?
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McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle/Strike Eagle

General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon

McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II

Republic F-84 Thunderjet/Thunderstreak

North American F-86 Sabre

North American F-100 Super Sabre

McDonnell F-101 Voodoo

Convair F-102 Delta Dagger

Lockheed Martin F-104 Starfighter

Republic F-105 Thunderchief

Convair F-106 Delta Dart
General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark

Vought A-7 Corsair II

Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II

North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco

Convair B-36 Peacemaker

North American B-45 Tornado

Boeing B-47 Stratojet

Martin B-57 Canberra

Douglas B-66 Destroyer

Boeing B-52 Stratofortress

Martin TM-61 Matador & TM-76 Mace Tactical Missiles

Other USAF Aircraft Links

Hopefully these will keep you busy for a little while.

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Welcome to Eagle Country
Eagle Country

The Official USAF F-15 Eagle Fact Sheet

The Official USAF F-15E Strike Eagle Fact Sheet

Boeing Corporate F-15 Site

USAF ANG F-15 Page

F-15 System Program Office

F-15 Strike Eagle.com

Joe Baugher's F-15 Pages!

AeroSpaceWeb.org F-15 Page

GlobalAircraft.org F-15 Page

GlobalSecurity.org F-15 Page

Federation of American Scientists F-15 Page

Wikipedia.org F-15 Page

Aeroflight F-15 Page

McDonnell Douglas Eagle @ The USAF Museum

F-15 "Streak Eagle" Research Pagex

F-15A "Streak Eagle" Display Aircraft

F-15E "Strike Eagle" Research Page

F-15A Research Page

F-15A Display Aircraft

F-15C Research Page

The McDonnell Douglas F-15 "Eagle" @ NASA
F-15 #837 ACTIVE - Thrust vectoring
F-15 #837 Intelligent Flight Control System
F-15A - Flight Research
F-15A RPRV/SRV: Remotely Piloted Research Vehicle/Spin Research Vehicle
F-15B #836 research testbed aircraft
HiDEC - Highly Integrated Digital Electronic Control

Links to the "Eagle World" Site.
This is a website setup by some European F-15 Spotters.
Filled with photos of aircraft you probably cared for & fed.
Birds from the 22 TFS

Birds from the 53 TFS
Other USAFE F-15s

Birds from the 525 TFS

Falcons and Vipers!
Fighting Falcon!!!

Official USAF F-16 Fighting Falcon Fact Sheet

Lockheed Martin Corp. F-16 Site


F-16 Viper Pilots Association

Code One Magazine F-16 Pages

Joe Baugher's F-16 Pages!

AeroSpaceWeb.org F-16 Page

GlobalAircraft.org F-16 Page

GlobalSecurity.org F-16 Page

Federation of American Scientists F-16 Page

Wikipedia.org F-16 Page

Aeroflight F-16 Page

F-16 Fighting Falcon Production Block Designations
An excellent reference for Understanding F-16 Block Numbers
Part of a scale modeling site.

General Dynamics Fighting Falcon @ The USAF Museum

F-16A Research Page

USAF Museum F-16A Display Aircraft

F-16B Research Page

F-16C Research Page

USAF Museum AFTI/F-16 Research Display Aircraft

F-16XL Research Page

The General Dynamics F-16 "Fighting Falcon" @ NASA
AFTI - Advanced Fighter Technology Integration
F-16XL & Cranked-Arrow Wing Aerodynamics Project (CAWAP)
F-16XL & Supersonic Laminar Flow

The HUN - F-100 Super Sabre Sites

NEW!!! Check out Henk Scharringa's
F-100 Serial Database


Joe Baugher's F-100 Pages

Boeing NAA F-100 Page

The F100F in Detail

Air & Space Magazine
F-100 Barn Launch

Air & Space Magazine
F-100 Zero Length Launch

GlobalAircraft.org F-100 Page

WarbirdAlley.com F-100 Page

Federation of American Scientists F-100 Page

Wikipedia.org F-100 Page

North American Super Sabre @ The USAF Museum

F-100C Display Aircraft

F-100D Display Aircraft

YF-100 & F-100A/C Research Page

F-100D Research Page

F-100F Research Page

The F-100 @ NASA

Looking for some Phabulous USAFE Phantom Action?
Spook the Phantom!
Try Michel Klaver's F4 Phantom II Site

Birds from Bitburg, Spang, Hahn, Ramstein, you name it...it's there.

It's time to get your Phreak on!!!

Boeing Corporate F-4 Site

F-4 Phantom II Society Site

Joe Baugher's F-4 Pages!

AeroSpaceWeb.org F-4 Page

GlobalAircraft.org F-4 Page

GlobalSecurity.org F-4 Page

Federation of American Scientists F-4 Page

Wikipedia.org F-4 Page

An F-4 Phantom WCS Page by Hahnite John Tomany

McDonnell Douglas Phantom II @ The USAF Museum

F-4C Display Aircraft

F-4G "Wild Weasel" Display Aircraft

RF-4C Display Aircraft

YF-4E Display Aircraft

F-4 Forward Fuselage Section Display

F-4C Research Page

F-4D Research Page

McDonnell F-110A Spectre Research Page

YF-4E Research Page

F-4E Research Page

F-4G "Wild Weasel" Page

RF-4C Research Page

The F-4 @ NASA

SAC's B-36 Peacemaker
Visit The B-36 Peacemaker Museum
B-36 Peacemaker Museum

B-36 Peacemaker, The Big Stick!

Joe Baugher's B-36 Pages!

AeroSpaceWeb.org B-36 Page

GlobalAircraft.org B-36 Page

GlobalSecurity.org B-36 Page

Federation of American Scientists B-36 Page

Convair Peacemaker @ The USAF Museum

B-36J Display Aircraft

XB-36 Part I Research Page

XB-36 Part II Research Page

XB-36 Part III Research Page

YB-36 Research Page

B-36A Research Page

B-36B Research Page

B-36C Research Page

B-36D Research Page

RB-36D Research Page

RB-36E Research Page

B-36F Research Page

RB-36F Research Page

GRB-36F Research Page

B-36G Research Page

B-36H Research Page

RB-36H Research Page

NB-36H "The Crusader" Research Page

B-36J Research Page

The Tornado - America's First All Jet Bomber

47th Bomb Wing B-45 Site

Boeing NAA B-45 History Page

GlobalSecurity.org B-45 Page

Joe Baugher's B-45 Pages!

Federation of American Scientists B-45 Page

North American Tornado @ The USAF Museum

B-45C Display Aircraft

XB-45 Research Page

B-45A Research Page

JB-45A Research Page

B-45B Research Page

B-45C Research Page

JB-45C Research Page

RB-45C Research Page

JRB-45C Research Page

Visit The B-47 Stratojet Association

Bob Zambenini's B-47 Page

The B-47 Stratojet Association

AeroSpaceWeb.org B-47 Page

Joe Baugher's B-47 Pages!

GlobalAircraft.org B-47 Page

GlobalSecurity.org B-47 Page

Federation of American Scientists B-47 Page

Federation of American Scientists RB-47 Page

Wikipedia.org B-47 Page

Boeing Stratojet @ The USAF Museum

B-47 Display Aircraft

XB-47 Research Page

B-47A Research Page

B-47B Research Page

B-47B Variants Research Page

B-47C Research Page

XB-47D Research Page

B-47E Research Page

1000th Boeing-Wichita
B-47E 'Stratojet' Page

YDB-47E & DB-47E
Research Page

JB-47E Research Page

RB-47E Research Page

WB-47E Research Page

YB-47F Research Page

KB-47G Research Page

RB-47H Research Page

ERB-47H Research Page

YB-47J Research Page

RB-47K Research Page

EB-47L Research Page

The B-47 @ NASA: Landing Drag Chute Study and Dynamic Response Research


Official USAF B-52 Fact Sheet

Boeing Corporate B-52H Site

B-52 Stratofortress Association

Joe Baugher's B-52 Pages!

AeroSpaceWeb.org B-52 Page

GlobalAircraft.org B-52 Page

GlobalSecurity.org B-52 Page

Federation of American Scientists B-52 Page

Wikipedia.org B-52 Page

Boeing Stratofortress @ The USAF Museum

B-52D Display Aircraft

XB-52 Research Page

YB-52 Research Page

B-52A Research Page

NB-52A Research Page

B-52B Research Page

NB-52B Research Page

RB-52B Research Page

B-52C Research Page

B-52D Research Page

B-52E Research Page

JB-52E Research Page

NB-52E Research Page

B-52F Research Page

B-52G Research Page

B-52H Research Page


Air Drop Mothership

F-111 Chute Drop Test

HiMAT Mothership

STS Drag Chute Tests

X-38 Mothership

The Can-Do Canberra Bomber!

GlobalSecurity.org B-57 Page

Joe Baugher's B-57 Pages!

Federation of American Scientists B-57 Page

Martin Canberra B-57 Yahoo Group

Martin Canberra @ The USAF Museum

USAF Museum EB-57B Display Aircraft

B-57 Prototype Page

B-57A Research Page

RB-57A Research Page

EB-57A Research Page

B-57B "Night Intruder" Page

EB-57B Research Page

JB-57B Research Page

NB-57B Research Page

WB-57B Research Page

B-57C Research Page

WB-57C Research Page

RB-57C Research Page

RB-57D Research Page

WB-57D Research Page

EB-57D Research Page

B-57E Research Page

B-57E Combat Conversion Page

RB-57E 'Patricia Lynn' Page

EB-57E Research Page

JB-57E Research Page

NB-57E Research Page

RB-57E Research Page

TB-57E Research Page

RB-57F Research Page

WB-57F Research Page

B-57G Research Page

B-57 Misc Photo Page

The Douglas Destroyer !!!

Joe Baugher's B-66 Pages!

B-66 Destroyer Historical Website

Douglas Destroyer B/RB/EB/WB-66 Basepage

GlobalSecurity.org RB-66 Page

Federation of American Scientists RB-66 Page

Douglas Destroyer @ The USAF Museum

RB-66A Research Page

RB-66B Display Aircraft

B-66B Research Page

NB-66B Research Page

RB-66B Research Page

NRB-66B Research Page

RB-66C Research Page

WB-66D Research Page

EB-66E Research Page

2nd Generation Republic Aviation Thunder!
The F-84 Thunderjet, Thunderstreak, & Thunderflash

Joe Baugher's F-84 Pages!

Air & Space Magazine
F-84 Zero Length Launch

F84 ThunderJet.com
The Straight Stuff!

Federation of American Scientists F-84E Page

GlobalSecurity.org F-84 Page

Federation of American Scientists F-84F Page

Republic Thunderjet @ The USAF Museum

F-84E "Thunderjet" Display Aircraft

F-84F "Thunderstreak" Display Aircraft

XF-84H "Thunderscreech" Display Aircraft

YRF-84F "FICON" Display Aircraft

F-84 "Thunderjet"
Research Page

F-84F "Thunderstreak"
Research Page

RF-84F "Thunderflash"
Research Page

F-84 Special Projects Research Page

YF-96A / YRF-84F Research Page

The F-84 @ NASA

The F-86 Sabre
America's First Swept-Wing Fighter

Joe Baugher's F-86 Pages!

Boeing NAA F-86 Page

F-86 Sabre Pilots Association

Duncan's F-86 Site

GlobalAircraft.org F-86 Page

GlobalSecurity.org F-86 Page

Federation of American Scientists F-86 Page

Wikipedia.org F-86 Page

North American Sabre @ The USAF Museum

F-86A Display Aircraft

F-86D Display Aircraft

F-86H Display Aircraft

F-86A/E/F Research Page

F-86D/K/L "Dog Sabre"
Research Page

F-86H Research Page

The F-86 @ NASA

Big Bad F-101 Voodoo Daddy

Boeing F-101 History Page

Joe Baugher's F-101 Pages!

GlobalAircraft.org F-101 Page

GlobalSecurity.org F-101 Page

GlobalSecurity.org RF-101 Page

Federation of American Scientists F-101 Page

Wikipedia.org F-101 Page

McDonnell Voodoo @ The USAF Museum

USAF Museum F-101B Display Aircraft

USAF Museum RF-101C Display Aircraft

F-101A/C Research Page

F-101B & RF-101B Research Page

RF-101A/C Research Page

F-101 Voodoo @ NASA

Convair Delta Dagger
America's First Delta Wing Fighter

F-102 of the 496FIS, Hahn AB

Joe Baugher's F-102 Pages

AeroSpaceWeb.org F-102 Page

GlobalSecurity.org F-102 Page

Federation of American Scientists F-102 Page

Wikipedia.org F-102 Page

Convair Delta Dagger @ The USAF Museum

F-102A Display Aircraft

F-102 Research Page

TF-102 Research Page

The F-104 Starfighter
The missile with a man in it.

Air & Space Magazine F-104 Zero Length Launch

Harry's Starfighter Site

Joe Baugher's F-104 Pages!

AeroSpaceWeb.org F-104 Page

GlobalAircraft.org F-104 Page

GlobalSecurity.org F-104 Page

Federation of American Scientists F-104 Page

Wikipedia.org F-104 Page

Lockheed Starfighter @ The USAF Museum

XF-104, YF-104, & F-104A
Research Page

F-104A Display Aircraft
(Photo Only)

F-104B & F-104D
Research Page

F-104C Research Page

F-104C Display Aircraft

F-104G Research Page

The F-104 @ NASA
Inertial coupling, reaction controls, noise research

3rd Generation Republic Aviation Thunder!
The F-105 Thunderchief...AKA The THUD

Craig Baker's F-105 Site: The Awesome Thunderchief

Thud Ridge Web

Joe Baugher's F-105 Pages!

AeroSpaceWeb.org F-105 Page

GlobalAircraft.org F-105 Page

GlobalSecurity.org F-105 Page

Federation of American Scientists F-105 Page

Aeroflight F-105 Page

Republic Thunderchief @ The USAF Museum

F-105D Display Aircraft

F-105G Display Aircraft

YF-105A to F-105B
Research Page

F-105D Research Page

F-105F/G Research Page

The F-105 @ NASA

One-Oh-Six Shooters!

Pat's World F-106 Delta Dart

Erv Smalley's Convair F-106 Delta Dart Website

Chris Carey's F-106 database

Joe Baugher's F-106 Pages!

AeroSpaceWeb.org F-106 Page

GlobalAircraft.org F-106 Page

GlobalSecurity.org F-106 Page

Federation of American Scientists F-106 Page

Wikipedia.org F-106 Page

Convair F-106 Delta Dart Yahoo Group

Convair Delta Dart @ The USAF Museum

USAF Museum F-106A Display Aircraft

F-106A Research Page

F-106B Research Page

The F-106 @ NASA
Wing Leading Edge Vortex Flaps Testing and The Eclipse Program

The F-111 Aardvark



Joe Baugher's F-111 Pages!

AeroSpaceWeb.org F-111 Page

GlobalAircraft.org F-111 Page

GlobalSecurity.org F-111 Page

Federation of American Scientists F-111 Page

Wikipedia.org F-111 Page

General Dynamics Aardvark @ The USAF Museum

F-111A Display Aircraft

F-111F Display Aircraft

EF-111A "Raven" Display Aircraft

F-111A Escape Module Display

F-111A Research Page

FB-111A Research Page

F-111D/E/F Research Page

FB-111A Prototype Research Page

The F-111 @ NASA

F-111A - Engine Inlet Redesign & Handling Quality Study

F-111 AFTI - Advanced Fighter Technology Integration

F-111E IPCS - Integrated Propulsion Control System

F-111 TACT - Transonic Aircraft Technology

A-7 Corsair II

CombatAircraft.com A-7 Page

Joe Baugher's A-7 Pages!

AeroSpaceWeb.org A-7 Page

GlobalAircraft.org A-7 Page

GlobalSecurity.org A-7 Page

Federation of American Scientists A-7 Page

Vought Corsair II @ The USAF Museum

A-7D Display Aircraft

YA-7D Research Page

A-7D Part I
Research Page

A-7D Part II
Research Page

A-7D S/N 70-0970
Research Page

YA-7F Research Page

A-7K Research Page

A-7 / A-10 Close Air Support Fly-off Page

Go Ugly Early! Hawg Links!

Official USAF A-10 Factsheet

Warthog Territory

Joe Baugher's A-10 Pages!


AeroSpaceWeb.org A-10 Page

GlobalAircraft.org A-10 Page

GlobalSecurity.org A-10 Page

Federation of American Scientists A-10 Page

The Warthog Pen
An A-10 Crewchiefs Site

Wikipedia.org A-10 Page

Fairchild Republic Thunderbolt II @ The USAF Museum

A-10A Display Aircraft

YA-10A Display Aircraft

GAU-8 "Avenger" 30MM Cannon Research Page

A-7 / A-10 Close Air Support Fly-off Page

A-10A Construction Page

A-10A Part I Research Page

A-10A Part II Research Page

Research Page

A-10A S/N 78-0681
Research Page

N/AW A-10 (YA-10B)
Research Page

North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco

USAF Museum OV-10
Display Aircraft

OV-10 Bronco.Net

OV-10 Bronco Association

Eric Raymond's OV-10 Page

"Find all things Bronco here"

Boeing NAA OV-10 Site

GlobalSecurity.org OV-10 Page

Federation of American Scientists OV-10 Page

Wikipedia.org OV-10 Page

Bronco Web Groups

OV-10 Yahoo Group

OV-10 Association
Yahoo Group

"OV-10 Fans" e-group

Aircraft Photo Sites

Military Aviation Journal

Phillippe's Aviation Pages!
Unique ANG Photography

Robert's Aviation Pictures @ Fotopic.net

Paul Nann's Military Aviation Photo Gallery

Airshow Photo Gallery by Robert Stetter

Airshow Action Photo Gallery by Peter Steehouwer

F-4 Phantom II Society

Scramble - Dutch Aviation Society

NATO Tiger Association

CHECKSIX - The Virtual Aviation Magazine



Duncan's F-86 Sabre Website

Thunder & Lightnings

Aircraft Resto Sites

Vulcan to the Sky
Avro Vulcan, S/N XH558

Anglo-American Lightning Organization
English Electric Lightning Mk T5

The Lost Squadron
Glacier Girl @ P-38 ASSN
Lockheed P-38F Lightning, S/N 41-7630

Halifax Restoration Project
Handley Page Halifax A Mk VII, S/N NA337

The Vulcan Restoration Project
Avro Vulcan, S/N XL426

Saving the Last Peacemaker
Convair B-36J-III-10-CF, S/N 52-2827A

Wings Over the Rockies: F-84 Resto
Republic RF-84K Thunderflash S/N 52-7266
Unique Bird - A former FICON Project AC

Wings Over the Rockies: F-86 Resto
North American F-86H Sabre S/N 53-1308

White Lightning Restoration
Lockheed P-38L-5LD, Reg N25Y

Mid-Atlantic Air Museum Black Widow Project
Northrop P-61B Black Widow, S/N 42-39445

New England Air Museum 58th BW Memorial
Boeing B-29A Superfortress, S/N 44-61975

Boeing Restoration of a B-29 in Wichita
"Doc" Boeing B-29 Superfortress S/N 44-69972

White 1 Foundation
Focke Wulf Fw 190F-8, W.Nr 931 862

Stormbirds Me262 Project
Construction of Flying Reproductions of the
Messerschmitt Me262

War Eagles Air Museum
Multiple Restorations including a:
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21, Republic F-84 Thunderflash, Tupolev Tu-2, and a Douglas A-26 Invader

The Fighter Factory
Multiple WWII Aircraft undergoing restoration:
A-26B Invader, P-39Q Airacobra, B-25J Mitchell,
Yakovlev Yak-3 & Yak-18, Messerschmitt Bf 109E-7,
Kawasaki Ki-61 Tony, de Havilland Mosquito FB Mk 26,
and a Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-3

Many More To Come...

The Matador & The Mace @ The USAF Museum



Martin B-61 "Matador" Research Page

Martin TM-76 "Mace" Research Page

Links yet to be Grouped
Right now we have collected a lot of B-58 Hustler websites.
Check'em out!

The EC-47 History Site

LtCol. BJ Brown's The Hustler Hangar

Gary Baker's Interactive Hustler Site

B-58 Hustler Association

Darrell Schmidt's West Coast Hustler House

Marco vanBuren's Hustler Rendezvous

Aviation History Online Museum B-58 Page

Boeing Corporate B-2 Spirit Website

Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star Yahoo Group

Speaking of Bitburger Pils...
how could we forget the REAL fuel of the USAF!
Abend Bit, Morgen Fit!
The Bitburger Brewery

Like Toby Keith said,"Bitburger Pils for my men, JP4 for my horses!"
...or at least he could have said that. Somehow I manage to fit beer into every page.

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